Distance analysis in Georgia!

Dear Customers,

We are happy to provide distance analysis in Georgia at Eliava institute laboratory.

To make distance analysis you need to sen your sample to Georgia ( we will provide all the information per email once you purchase).

Also make sure that you know, we aren’t doctors, we don’t Give medical advices, We provide Results Per E-Mail ( and surely explaining ).


if Labor suggests sensitive phages, we don’t provide a prescription as all the commercial phages are coming with annotations (including application and dosage) and you need to follow that.


if you are creating the phages, we do provide application and dosage with the same way, but phages doesn’t come with prescription, as they Sell without prescription.


please if you have any questions, ask before you make a purchase.

kind regards,

MyBacteriophage.Net Team


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    Habe panikatakken nachdem meine tochter gestorben ist. Sie war down syndrom

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