Find the correct bacteriophage - Bacterial Infection analysis


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To make sure which Phage is the correct one to treat your bacterial infection, we recommend to make an analysis first.

We can organize the distance analysis in Georgia for you.

With the result you will know which of the existing bacteriophages can treat your bacterial infection, or our doctors can also create a specialized one for you.

The cost includes only analysis. You need to buy a specialized transport box from a local pharmacy for your blood or other medium and you need cover the shipping costs (express within 7 days depending on the medium) to Georgia.

We do not guarantee that there will be a suitable phage. There is always a possibility, that there is no matching bacteria in our Bank to create one for you.

Please contact us before purchase for the details!


p.s doesn’t matter what type of analysis you want to make (swap, blood or etc) make sure that before you do  swap or something else, don’t clean the bacterial space with disinfection water or something similar who can kill bacterias.

In that case there is a high risk, that you will kill these bacterias and analysis afterwards will have no result.

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