Green Ointment 20Gramm

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Green Ointment (new packaging)




Celandine           Chelidonium Majus

Plantain              Plantago Major

St.John’s wort   Hypericum Perforatum

Pot marigold      Calendula Chamomilla

Yarrow                Achillea Millefolium

Eucalyptus         Eucalyptus Globulus

Olive Oil              Oleum Olivarum

Bee wax              Cera flava


Pharmacogical Action:

The ointment accelerates the healing process, has anti-inflammatory and anti microbial action.


Infected wounds; purulent affection od hypodermic tissue (furuncle, abscess, panaritium); burns of I, II, IIIa degree (including those developed by exposure to the sun); trophic ulcers of different etiology; decubitus; cervical erosion and colpitis; Hemorroid treatment; nosebleed; tympanic membrane trauma; acute perfoative otitis; bedsore and different skin irritation among children; in case of stings by a grant other insects.

Treatment of inflectious inflammatory diseases of parodontium and oral mucosa. Multimodality therapy of glossitis and chilitis 3Root canal therapy - for the purpose of intracoronary medical treatment in tge presence of endodontitis and periodontitis issue regeneration in faciomaxillary surgery and implantology

Actuon Mechanism:

”Greeb Ointment “ is characterized by antioxidant action. It reduces the level of hypoxia in the cell, improves microcirculation. The preparation provides for reduction of capillary permeability and in result the tissue edema is reduced.

Under the preparatiom effect the activation of cellular link immunity, the intensification of phagocytosis, the increase of T lymphocytes quantity.

The Ointment has bactericidal action in regard the following groups of microbes:

Staphyloccous epidermidis,

Streptoccocus pyogenes,

Streptococcus fecalis,

Pseudomonas aeruginosa


Contraindication: has not been observed.

Side-effects: In rare cases individual super sensitivity can be observed, which disappears at seizure of ointment application.

Method of application:

after treating of the wound or burn or any antiseptic solution the ointment is applied in a layer of 2-3mm once a day. At cervical erosion and colitis a tampon is applied once in 12 hours.

Terms of storage: store at room temperature. Period of storage- 2 Year


Producer : “ GEOPOLi” LTD 

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Green Ointment 20Gramm