Floranormi (10 Tablets)

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1 gram tablet contains bacteria of live intestinal microflora in the amount of 1 gram 107

Pharmacological properties
"Floranorm" is a complex antibacterial biological preparation and is a bacterial mixture of live normal intestinal flora, ie bifidobacteria, lactobacilli, coliforms and enterococci. The microbial components of the drug are resistant to the action of sulfanilamide drugs and penicillin group antibiotics, longcomycin, aminoglycosides tetracycline, which in turn contributes to the special effectiveness of "Floranorm" in the case of antibiotic-induced gastrointestinal disorders.
The drug improves metabolic processes, promotes the synthesis of B and P vitamins in the body, prevents the formation of prolonged forms of intestinal diseases, increases the body's non-specific resistance

Biological tablet drug without contraindications
Fluoranorm is indicated for the treatment of adults and children over 6 months of age with the following diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: - Acute and chronic gastroenterocolitis;
- Dysbacterioses of various etiologies, including dysbacterioses caused by the use of antibiotics and sulfonamides;
-Intestinal dysfunction or in the case of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms
- Patients in the post-clinical period who have contracted acute infectious intestinal diseases, in the treatment of oncological patients, after various surgical interventions.

Admission rules and doses
Take Floranorm tablets 20-30 minutes before meals. Young children are given one tablet dissolved in powdered and boiled room temperature water or warm water 2 times a day, while adults are given a single tablet 3 times a day for treatment. The course of treatment is 5-6 weeks.

Side effects
Has not been identified

The drug has no contraindications

Not characterized

Interaction with other medicinal products
Not described

Storage conditions and terms
2 years. After expiration the drug is non-toxic. Storage conditions: Dry, cool, protected from light

Dispensing rule at the pharmacy
Issuable without a prescription (Group III)

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