Customized Bacteriophages

You have already made a distance analysis?

Then it is now time to get your customized Bacteriophages!

Dear Customers,

you want to get your personalized bacteriophage? Ready to kill your sickness and made to solve exactly your problen?

this is the last step in curing your bacterial infection!

Please make sure you do following before purchase.

1. You have a bacterial infection which requires phage treatment 

2. You can’t choose your matching bacteriophgaes in our selection?!  Please do analysis to make sure that we can help.

3. You have an answer from Laboratory? If they say that we can customize bacteriophages for you, then please purchase here.

What’s including...

1. Min. 1.0 Liter Bacteriophage, (20 box)

2. Recipe (includes dosage and application).

3. Only one type of bacteriophages (if analysis showed two bacterial infection, in that case we should create two bacterias, that means you should purchase two).


4. Delivery fee is including 


please be informed that we need two month to customize bacteriophages.


If you have a question, please contact us before purchase.

kind Regards,

MyBacteriophage Team

Customer Reviews

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Gisbert Welker
Review about Bacteriophag Intesti

Ich habe Intesti vollständig genommen. Habe es gut vertragen und fühle mich wohl. Neue Laborwerte liegen mir noch nicht vor. Insgesamt geht es mir besser. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Welker Gisbert

Phagen gegen Pseudomonas aeroginosa

Möchte Phasen gegen Pseudomonas aeroginosa bestellen.
Bitte um Angebot.
Mkf P.Kopiec-Bierhoff